BIG DATA begins

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Samstag, 27. January 2018

BIG DATA begins

Here we describe which information is used on this website and where we get that data from.

Our guild-website is going live today (28.01.2018) with a decent amount of data.

  • 490 monsters
  • 50 presaved team-combinations for guild war and guild siege
  • team rating and counter-suggestions will be added along with additional teams in the future
  • imported data of 160 players, ascending trend
  • new guild battle statistics (for starters only guild war defense). Import of old statistics need to be evaluated.

This data forms the basis to get the most out of our website - and it shall help to get the most out of us. :)


Sadly, the data is not yet added automagically. To add fresh data, helping elves visit you, your friends, your enemies and lots of top100 players while running SW Proxy or Summoners War Exporter and creating json-files.

These json-files are gathered on the server and imported frequently.

Sadly, the data doesnt contain information about the guild a player belongs to. But if we add enough players, it will be possible to change that afterwards. This way, if you fight against tough opponents, it allows to check up on the enemie's monsters and reduce the risk of a loss.